The SKYLUX® AURA 410 is a decorative halo luminaire with integral LED driver, providing impressive, class-leading performance of up to 4430 luminaire lumens, achieving up to 112 luminaire exit lumens per circuit Watt. The product is manufactured in the UK using high quality components.

The significant light output of this luminaire can potentially reduce the amount of luminaires required, therefore decreasing purchasing costs and installation time. The high energy efficiency capability of the SKYLUX® AURA 410 can provide significant energy cost savings compared to many of our rivals’ products.

The SKYLUX® AURA 410 can be used for a variety of purposes such as in corridors and general circulation areas. A 33 Watt version has been specifically developed for staircases, easily providing ample illumination for this purpose. The SKYLUX® AURA 410 will be supplied with a spun aluminium body, gear cover, satin polycarbonate lens optic, and can be suspended, wall or surface-mounted.

There is an Ra 80 Tuneable White version of the SKYLUX® AURA 410 luminaire available. The colour range will vary from 2700 K delivering 3750 luminaire lumens, to 5600 K delivering 4100 luminaire lumens.  The Tuneable White version of the SKYLUX® AURA 410 achieves 96 luminaire exit lumens per circuit Watt at 4000 K.


– Available from 4th of March

– Outputs from 2130 to 4430 lumens

– Tuneable white Ra 80 version available

– Colour range from 2700 K to 5600 K

– DALI control gear as standard

– Wireless enabled versions with PIR presence detectors available

– 3 wire suspension kit available

– Spun aluminium body with satin polycarbonate lens

– Emergency versions available. (44 Watt and Tuneable white emergency available 3rd Quarter).

Visit the SKYLUX AURA 410 product page for technical information and ordering catalogue numbers. Find out more