New Product for Educational Buildings


The advent of school premises built using high thermal mass exposed materials lead to the removal of false ceilings and the subsequent need to find a different method of acoustic treatment and lighting for classrooms. Acoustic lighting rafts have been in existence for this very purpose for quite some time now, however, the cost implication and amount of equipment required to meet regulations has been far from ideal.

After supplying acoustic rafts on many school projects, we re-evaluated lighting, acoustic and other service requirements to see if there was an optimal solution. The Luxonic design team challenged themselves to create the ultimate acoustic suspended lighting system. The result is our new product, BROADLIGHTER® ACOUSTIC, a multi-service acoustic raft with several unique selling points and a multitude of key benefits.


  • Visually slender
  • Fewer rafts, so less congested ceiling zone
  • Integrated solution that satisfies building regulations


  • BB93 requirements met with fewer rafts
  • Acoustically optimised design
  • Independent test data
  • Example calculations


A perfectly lit and visually attractive teaching space with excellent acoustic treatment for optimal learning.

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Building Services Engineers

  • Integration of services (lighting, acoustics, lighting controls, sprinklers etc.
  • Lighting and acoustic requirements met with fewer rafts
  • More efficient thermal management of teaching space
  • UGR <19
  • Uniformity and cylindrical requirements met
  • Luminance limits meet (<3000 cd/m2 at 65o)

Installing Contractors

  • Satisfies building regulations
  • Fewer rafts, so quicker and easier to install
  • Lower overall cost