For over a decade, our LuxLink® range of sophisticated, intelligent lighting controls has enabled us to offer our clients flexible authority over the performance of our lighting systems. Whether it’s setting the mood in a restaurant or bar, or remotely controlling unused meeting rooms, our controls give you the ability to monitor, analyse and maximise the performance of your building. When combined with our luminaires, the potential to generate substantial energy cost savings is very real.



Our Wireless offering enables flexible lighting control and emergency test systems to be built into luminaires and is suitable for retrofitting or new builds.

The system uses free air for wireless programming, radio control between luminaires and download of emergency test data. Each luminaire is supplied with a dedicated PIR and optional light sensor connected to a built-in transceiver module. Each transceiver module is addressable and groupable with other luminaires for control purposes. Emergency self test luminaires are monitored by the module which downloads emergency test data to a tablet for reporting purposes. Our wireless lighting controls can be easily retrofitted to existing installations. The main advantage of Luxlink® Wireless is the reduction in cost of copper wiring as it only requires three cores.

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A totally flexible and combined lighting control and addressable emergency test system for stand-alone lighting control applications. Ethernet2Dali offers a wide range of lighting control products to include:

  • Combined PIR and constant light control
  • PIR, microwave, high bay and exterior light sensors
  • Scene plates, input/output modules
  • Dimmers
  • AV interfaces and smart controls to include touch screen, iPhone, iPad and corporate intranet control software.

Ethernet2DALI system is suitable for front of house, architectural and lighting control applications.

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Plug & Play

Plug & Play is a brilliantly simple and cost effective lighting controls system for school and office applications.

As the name would suggest, the system consists of luminaires with wired Ts, interconnecting cables, whiteboard and emergency test switch interfaces and sensors either remote or built-in. The rest is simply ‘plug and play’.

The system defaults to presence detection with window-based dimmable luminaires with built-in photocell under daylight linking control. This system is installer commissioned to further reduce cost.

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Microwave Sensor

Similar to the ultrasonic sensor, a microwave sensor will send high frequency microwaves in an area and will monitor their reflected patterns. If the reflected pattern is continuously changing, then the sensor assumes that the area is occupied and the lighting load connected is switched on. Should the  reflected pattern be the same for a preset time, then the sensor assumes the area is unoccupied and the load is turned off.

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Corridor Function

Energy consumption can easily be reduced by integrating corridor function with a suitable luminaire. For statutory reasons, some areas have to be lit 24 hours per day. Corridor Function, which is built into the dimming control gear and is automatically enabled, can deliver the right amount of light at the right time. This allows the delivery of low cost, energy efficient operation. This type of lighting is particularly suited to areas such as corridors and stairwells in blocks of flats, pedestrian underpasses, car parks and certain hospital areas.

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Photocell Sensor

Photocells work in the same way as motion sensors but rather than detecting movement such as the presence of people in a room, they instead detect change in light levels in a specific area. Photocells are for example used in automatic night lights such as street lighting that switch themselves on at night.

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Ecodim is a range of intelligent luminaires with integral sensors for surface, recessed and suspended lighting to cover a wide range of applications to include care home and student accommodation. The philosophy of Ecodim is to maximum energy savings by providing light when needed, turn off or dim down the lighting when it’s not, harvest daylight contribution, dim lighting if applicable and prevent the lighting from switching on when daylight is sufficient for the environment to be lit. ECODIM is a complete, integral, lighting control system.

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Phase control dimming works by cutting out sections of the voltage and reducing power to the light source. There are two types of phase control dimmers available, these are identified as ‘trailing-edge’ and ‘leading-edge’. These two types of dimming operate differently from each other. Currently, Luxonic DIMPC versions of of light fittings are supplied with control gear capable of both ‘trailing-edge’ and ‘leading-edge’ dimming.

Ultimately, the dimming type is dictated by the dimming switch used in conjunction with the light fitting. It is worth noting that not all manufacturers supply products capable of both types of dimming and that our own specifications can change. If in doubt contact our technical department.

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