The Brief

When Land Securities was tasked with constructing the ‘thoughtful’ Zig Zag building, it needed to create an inspiring work environment and save on energy output. Luxonic was selected to tackle the challenge of upgrading the office space from Category A to Category B without modification to the lighting layout, through the use of their innovative lighting solutions. SAS 330 system was the ceiling installed in the premises.

The Innovation

Luxonic’s creative team of designers and light engineers recommended the SKYLUX® recessed LED range, due to its high energy performance and installation suitability for the irregular shape of the Zig Zag offices. The SKYLUX® range equips the office space with high efficiency and sleek design.

The Result

Luxonic excelled expectations, with Land Securities’ independent testing showing higher energy performance than previous lab results. Luxonic’s SKYLUX® range and sustainable control systems helped cut the Zig Zag’s overhead costs whilst creating a comfortable and fresh working space. Visit our dedicated SAS 330 area.