The Brief

As an ever-growing challenger to the giants of online retailing, The Hut Group is the UK’s leading multi-website online retailer, raking in £334million in revenue for 2015-16. Looking for a way to stay a step ahead of competitors, the British e-commerce company sought Luxonic’s lighting and control solutions for its multi-use warehouse on Warrington’s Omega site. Having successfully supplied solutions to logistics projects on the same site for clients including Hermes and Travis Perkins, Luxonic were well prepared to design and install solutions to dramatically reduce The Hut Group’s energy consumption.

The Innovation

With The Hut Group’s Warrington warehouse spanning an impressive 690,000 sq ft, Luxonic faced up to the challenge of sustainably lighting a multi-use space with good uniformity throughout. Eventually installing an impressive 2,500 luminaires, Luxonic’s expert engineers worked closely with The Hut Group to select the most appropriate light and control solution for each area.

To keep energy usage and maintenance points to a minimum, Luxonic installed HI-MAX® LED luminaires at mounting heights of 16m in the warehouse’s open area spaces, lit to 200-300lux. The HI-MAX® was also used for production and studio spaces, to a raised illumination level of 500lux, enabling staff to carry out more detailed tasks. Luxonic’s AISLELUX® LED was installed and lit appropriately for racking areas and the corrosion-resistant CRP® LED was chosen for mezzanine levels and walkways, giving a wide spread of light in reduced height areas.

Each luminaire was grouped and controlled via the LUXLINK® wireless system, with Luxonic proposing a detailed specification for how each area should be optimally controlled through integrated sensors and wireless transceivers. Presence detectors were installed throughout, allowing lights to switch off automatically after a period of inactivity around aisles, boosting energy savings.

For racking areas, where aisles are normally accessed to pick and place stock, presence detectors were engineered to operate only the end luminaire when motion was isolated to the end of that aisle.

In transit aisles, where traffic mainly consists of fork-lift trucks, controls switched on the luminaire directly above and 25 metres in front of the fork-lift operator.

For open areas, Daylight Linking technology monitored the contribution of sunlight to luminance levels and adjusted luminaire output accordingly. This technology requires an in-floor lux detector, to properly measure the amount of light falling onto a surface, with Luxonic installing upward facing skylights directly under skylights throughout the Omega site.

Luxonic offered The Hut Group a ‘bolt-on’ energy monitoring system which enables users to monitor energy consumption throughout a building, allowing the e-retailer to investigate high-usage areas and reconfigure the system to continually reduce energy consumption.

The Result

By consulting closely with Luxonic’s lighting engineers and designers, The Hut Group has been able to light its large-scale warehousing operation with luminaires that are well-adapted to each area’s purpose. The client found each control system incredibly effective and overwhelmingly simple to use, helping The Hut Group to optimise energy usage. With sustainability a priority for the project, Luxonic forecast huge energy savings, offering The Hut Group a modernised, environmentally-conscious route to massively reducing energy costs.