The Brief

The Capitol, Aberdeen, is a former 2,100-seat cinema and variety house, first opened in 1933. The listed building then lay unoccupied and derelict for five years until Knight Property Group took on a £30 million regeneration project to transform it into a 12-storey Grade A office building. Luxonic was tasked with introducing a solution across the new build that would maintain the heritage of the site, whilst integrating modern, sustainable lighting fit for twenty-first century office accommodation. The front third of the original structure was to be preserved and renovated as an elegant art deco entrance, paying ode to The Capitol’s roots, whilst introducing the building to an energy efficient LED environment.

The Innovation

To imbue sustainability within The Capitol’s fusion of old and new, Luxonic focused on highly energy efficient LED luminaires to light the 72,600 square feet of column-free office space. Selecting recessed LG7 light fittings at up to 109 lumens per circuit watt, in the form of Luxonic’s modern ALTERLUX® ALM and SLIMLUX® D61 ranges, ensured efficiency would be at its highest. ALTERLUX® ALM’s recessing depth of only 55mm caused minimal impact to the perforated metal suspended ceiling, and complemented the elegant design features of the heritage building.

Alongside an innovative office lighting solution, Luxonic also provided The Capitol’s emergency lighting. Recommending the use of its LED-EM® Twin Spot, Luxonic designed a high efficiency LED system of intense beam patterns to provide effective emergency exit route illuminations. The non-maintained projectors ensure a safe exit in the case of a power failure, lasting up to three hours whilst consuming as little energy as possible. Luxonic also supplied the V-LED® 180C downlighter.

The Result

Through careful implementation of solutions within The Capitol’s historic site, Luxonic contributed to a 66.5 per cent reduction in energy consumption for the building, helping businesses located in the office space save up to 43 per cent in lighting costs, as compared to typical Aberdeen west end offices. The BCO Award-winning building has since achieved ‘Very Good’ BREEAM accreditations, surpassing energy performance targets of B to B+ ratings.

The Grade A office space at The Capitol has breathed life back into one of Aberdeen’s most iconic landmarks, bringing it into the twenty-first century with a sustainable energy solution to ensure it lasts the test of time.