The Brief

Poundland is one of the UK’s leading variety retailers, with over 700 stores across the nation. As part of its quest to reduce energy load across its stores, Poundland sought Luxonic’s expertise in sustainable lighting to improve in-store energy efficiency. The ambitious task posed certain challenges: each store was required to be fitted out within two nights so as not to interrupt normal trade at each Poundland shop, and some of the trial stores’ ceilings came with structural limitations that would require a creative approach to achieve the desired results.

The Innovation

Poundland initially looked to install LED panels on a one-for-one across the store, but wanted a solution to reduce energy consumption further. Luxonic demonstrated that simply replacing old lights with new LEDs wasn’t the most sustainable option available, and created a bespoke solution to better meet Poundland’s needs. Luxonic’s specialist team of lighting engineers manufactured 1200×600 grid luminaires with wide, high-angled distribution of light and installed them in the centre of each aisle to allow as much light as possible to reach shelved merchandise.

Luxonic’s bespoke grid luminaires reduced energy wastage, consumption and cost of installation by avoiding positioning lights directly over shelf fittings. However, due to the limitations posed by the ceilings of some of the trial stores, Luxonic was unable to implement the same grid innovation in every store. Instead, Luxonic designed luminaires that could be attached to the trunking already in place in the ceilings of these stores. These luminaires provided the same light distribution as each newly installed grid luminaire in other Poundland trial stores.

The Result

Through careful assessment of each store’s lighting layout and by catering to Poundland’s needs, Luxonic was able to deliver a range of solutions for each store, which each delivered the same contemporary look, feel and energy-efficient end result.

By through-wiring fittings, Luxonic saved the contractor onsite time and completed the store fit-outs in as little time as possible, to reduce the interruption to each store’s trading.

Alongside improving upon the customer’s previous lighting layout, Luxonic was able to impart its knowledge to Poundland on how to achieve the best aesthetic look to drive sales whilst improving energy efficiency and productivity levels. As a result, Luxonic are now working with Poundland to convert the lighting layouts of the rest of its nation-wide stores, adding to the portfolio of major retailers Luxonic has switched on to using its innovative lighting and control solutions.