The Brief 

AstraZeneca, a major player in biomedical research and development, looked to relocate its corporate headquarters to a 60,000 sq metre campus in Cambridge, famed for its world-class university and research organisations. Seeking access to the country’s top academic institutes and hospitals, AstraZeneca aspired to create a leading science and research cluster powered by an incredibly energy efficient lighting system.


The Innovation 

Working in association with international ceiling specialist SAS, Luxonic devised a bespoke solution incorporating the discrete look of its SLIMLUX range. A unique ceiling grid lay-out allowed for fluid integration of up and down lighting, partitioning and the attachment of laboratory equipment. Luxonic provided the pharma giant with complete flexibility and the ability to seamlessly adjust these three key features throughout its new global HQ.


The Result 

An unobtrusive, modern lighting solution is now installed in the ambitious Cambridge campus, ready to illuminate its corridors and labs upon a 2019 grand unveiling. Designed with the comfort of occupants in mind, the bespoke ceiling and lighting system will light the way forward for some of the world’s eminent biomedical researchers and academics.