retail-lighting-commended-at-lux-awards-crtificateIn the space of 18 months, Pets at Home set out on an ambitious mission to significantly reduce energy expenditure across its warehouse hubs, retail stores and vet practices. Tapping into the cost- and energy-saving potential of LED, the warehouses’ lighting upgrade was part of a complete energy overhaul at the nation’s largest pets supplies retailer, including installations across all 427 Pets at Home retail outlets in the UK.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in Basingstoke, Luxonic’s team of designers and lighting engineers use the latest in optical technology to ensure the effectiveness of the range. An impressive lifespan of 60,000 hours means significantly reduced maintenance costs when compared to other competing products. At up to 162 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, the HI-MAX® range is one of the most energy efficient lighting solutions available for the UK logistics market.

Luxonic was invited to provide a commercially economical lighting solution that suited both Pets at Home’s logistics and retail needs and would deliver significant energy savings. The HI-MAX® LED range was selected as the most suitable range for the warehouses’ large open plan spaces. To complement the highly efficient HI-MAX®, Luxonic selected its Luxlink Wireless control system, which allowed existing lighting to be swapped out for the Luxonic installations, with no additional wiring needed.

The wireless solution is more sustainable than traditional DALI systems, providing Pets at Home with total control and energy reporting capabilities. Each luminaire was specifically built with a wireless transceiver, to allow the control system to monitor levels of daylight and automatically adjust interior lighting levels in response, optimising working conditions throughout the centres.

Over the course of an 18-month relationship, Luxonic’s energy efficient and innovative solutions have equipped Pets at Home with the means to truly transform the business’ approach to energy efficiency, providing the company with an estimated 55 per cent improvement in energy saving.

In total, Pets at Home has spent close to £8million on installing energy-efficient LED lighting and BEMS, its largest ever capital expenditure project. With 16,000 HI-MAX® luminaires now in place in Pets at Home sites across the country, the project has paid dividends; A return on investment was generated in just over two and half years, and Pets at Home now report energy cost savings of £2.9million a year, saving 9,762 tonnes in CO2.

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