As a company that operates only in the ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) route to market, Luxonic has chosen not to charge a ‘WEEE transport levy’ at the time of purchase of our luminaires. It does not seem reasonable for us to charge our customers at time of purchase for disposal that may happen many years hence. Under Regulation 9, we provide our customers with two choices for when the luminaires eventually become waste;

  1. The customer can choose to appropriately dispose of the waste via their chosen contractor. In years to come it may well be that this ‘waste’ has a higher value than the cost of disposal.
  2. The customer can choose to contact us for the unwanted luminaires to be collected. We will then organise for Electrolink to collect the waste. We reserve the right to pass on the cost of collection at that time as no charge was made when the luminaires were purchased.

NOTE; These procedures apply to both new installations and, also, to luminaires supplied as ‘one-for-one’ replacements.

The following is a general outline of the expected procedure for collecting WEEE for which Luxonic Lighting is responsible and has been asked to dispose of under its responsibilities as outlined in the WEEE Directive (as option 2 above).

Normally Luxonic would be involved in the correspondence between the customer and Electrolink, however this is not a requirement. Customers are welcome to approach Electrolink direct, in this situation the fee will need to be paid to Electrolink before the collection is carried out. Our compliance scheme details are:

Electrolink Recycling Ltd,

Waterloo House,

Unit 27 M11 Business Link,


CM24 8GF


Tel: 01279 620000

Fax: 01279 620018



And our EEE producer number is:                 WEE/GB0060TU


Upon instruction, Electrolink will provide relevant containers to be filled on site. The container can be filled with any WEEE that Electrolink will accept, not just product for which Luxonic is responsible. It is considered more environmentally friendly to remove all WEEE in one consignment.

There is no requirement for Luxonic product to be disposed of by Electrolink and neither Electrolink nor Luxonic need to be notified when other disposal routes are chosen. There are of course strict legal requirements for the disposal of WEEE and these must be observed whatever the route chosen. Records of disposal routes should be kept.


Lamps are hazardous waste and must be collected separately, the majority of lamps will be the responsibility of Recolight (http://www.recolight.co.uk/, info@recolight.co.uk, 0845 601 7749 for collection advice).


Waste batteries have their own legislation and must be collected separately, they are accepted by Electrolink – contact them for details. Electrolink will also quote on a job specific basis, this is often more cost effective.


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