The last 30 years have witnessed Luxonic evolve into the UK's elite creator of lighting solutions. Luxonic excel in large retail and warehouse lighting, supplying entire lighting systems.

Our outstanding warehouse lighting products have enabled us to save Port of Hull 96% of energy costs and get payback for Pets at Home in only 1.16 years!

With the potential to claim 100% Enhanced Capital Allowance (tax relief) or receive a financial contribution of up to £5,000, now is a great time to purchase a modern, cost saving lighting system.

How to Light a Warehouse

There are several mistakes that companies make when they think about, plan, design and install warehouse lighting. The simple, yet biggest mistake made is taking the attitude that since this is merely a utility, the best of course of action is to “spend as little as possible on warehouse lights.”

The wrong type of light fitting can cost considerably more to operate and can provide the wrong type of lighting. Insufficient illumination or indeed too much can result in poor performance from warehouse staff and can also result in accident or injury.

Warehouse Lighting Design

Lighting design is critical in order to achieve a correctly lit, energy efficient and productive warehouse. Staff need to be able to easily and clearly see the label on a box, while it is dangerous for a forklift driver to feel the effects of light glare when operating their machine.

To create an accurate and efficient lighting design requires the designer to know the building, to know what light levels and type of lighting is required in which areas. It is also essential to conduct a study of how the warehouse will be operated.

For example, will it operate 24 hours per day? Will all areas of the warehouse be constantly in use, or can some lights be dimmed or switched off until staff enter the area?

Is there any natural daylight available? If so, light sensors of different types can allow a business to use this free resource when it is available and only switch on light fittings when required. See our lighting controls page.

The Hut Group Warehouse Exterior

The Hut Group warehouse building.

Energy Saving Warehouse Lights

All warehouse lighting is not the same. You get what you pay for. For example, the difference between 250W-400W metal halide warehouse lights and Luxonic’s Hi-Max luminaire with wireless lighting controls at Port of Hull was a customer verified 96% energy cost saving. This is a year in, year out, annual saving.
See the case study.

Sometimes businesses are swayed by the cheapest LED luminaire imports, manufactured in China with cheap components. Sometimes they can’t resist some of the cheap, but much less efficient rival products available in the UK. Saving some money now, only to pay out much more over a period of many years is a false economy.

Luxonic’s warehouse lights are made in Britain with high quality components and manufactured to British standards. Our products incorporate the latest technology. As a company we embrace sustainability and our products are a real force in energy saving.

See our “How to achieve the best energy cost savings” guide.


The Hi-Max luminaire - Proven Outstanding Performance.