The Zig Zag Building is essentially a mixed use, award winning piece of architecture, built in Victoria Street, London, designed by the award winning Lynch Architects. The £80,000,000 project was completed in November 2015 and incorporates 187,700 sq ft of office space, 37,670 sq ft of retail space, outside spaces, terraces and gardens.  The site used to be occupied by Kingsgate House,  a 1950's, post war, uninspiring office block.

The building was neither energy efficient, or people friendly, with regards to providing a good working environment. Apparently, Victoria Street was the product of a slum clearance begun in the 1850s. Architect David Lynch believes “It was engineers rather than architects that built Victoria Street.”


72% of property directors believe businesses are picking up the bill for badly designed, energy-inefficient buildings.

     — Gensler Faulty Towers Report —

Skylux SAS 330 Installed at The Zig Zag Building




In order to achieve an attractive, professional, but comfortable and welcoming, energy efficient, office space, SAS International and Luxonic were engaged to provide a solution. Working closely together, as has been the case over the last 20 years, it was agreed that SAS's 330 ceiling system and Luxonic's Skylux luminaires would be installed.

Luxonic and SAS make a formidable partnership which is extremely architect friendly. SAS 330 ceiling tiles can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes to suit a specific project, as can the Luxonic luminaires which are designed to seamlessly integrate with them. Both companies supply premium products which are aesthetically pleasing while energy saving and cost effective. See Zig Zag Building case study.

Comfortable, well-ventilated, well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity by as much as 16%, job satisfaction by up to 24%, and reduce absenteeism.

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