We are  probably the UK's most flexible and innovative designer of luminaires and lighting control systems. There are a wealth of options available on our SAS 330 compatible luminaires. However, the possibilities are almost endless when driven by economies of scale. For the right project, we are able to design and manufacture what you need. Contact us to discuss your project. 




  • Luminaires can be manufactured to be any size, with a minimum nominal length of  600 mm.SAS 330 OPTION IMAGES
  • Air handling versions available on the Microlux, Skylux and Broadlighter products.
  • All ranges can be painted any colour to match the chosen SAS 330 ceiling tile
  • Fixed output control gear supplied as standard, but a variety of dimmable control gear is available
  • Emergency versions: 3 hour maintained, 3 hour maintained self-test, 3 hour Dali addressable.
  • The luminaires can also be manufactured to work with a building's central battery emergency system
  • Our light fittings can be supplied with any length of connecting leads, with a variety of connector types available.
  • These luminaires are available with our cutting edge, highly efficient and flexible wireless controls technology
  • There are a variety of light sensors and lighting controls available for several different purposes.

A combination of Luxonic luminaires, light sensors and presence detectors can reduce building energy costs dramatically.



The real beauty of our SAS 330 compatible luminaires is the fact that you can simply purchase an off the shelf product and integrate it into almost any project.  Of course, if economies of scale allow,  we are able to design and manufacture a unique product completely specific for your own project, therefore the sky is the limit in terms of aesthetics and performance. 

Entire lighting control systems can be devised to seamlessly integrate with your chosen luminaires. Office lighting usage data can be captured and analysed, thereby enabling us to program the utter most energy efficient settings. The whole lighting system can be proven within lighting design software and energy efficiency calculations will prove the potentially huge energy cost savings.