Over 30 years, Luxonic has developed into the UK's foremost designer of lighting solutions, by its ability to innovate, design great looking, highly efficient products, and creating partnerships with only the very best. Working closely with ceiling manufacturer SAS for the last 20 years, our lighting products' quality and seamless integration with SAS 330 ceiling system is evident by the many installations in award winning projects.



A linear, recessed, highly efficient LED luminaire supplied with satin lens as standard. Seamlessly integrates with SAS 330 ceiling C profile. Available with or without air handling.

Very high efficiency, recessed LED luminaire with low luminance lens. Seamlessly integrates with SAS 330 ceiling C profile. Suppresses high-angle light above 65°, provides low glare lighting. With or without air handling.

A range of very high efficiency, linear, recessed LED luminaire supplied with satin polycarbonate, high transmissive lens as standard. Seamlessly integrates with SAS 330 ceiling C profile.

A linear recessed LED luminaire supplied with low luminance lens as standard. Seamlessly integrates with SAS 330 ceiling C profile. Available with or without air handling.


SAS330 is a premium ceiling system with a large variety of useful design elements. Ceiling tiles can be manufactured in any shape,  are available in several colours and the system is available in tartan or linear grid type. Designed to be flexible, this profile, suspended ceiling provides total void access and complete service integration. The M6 threaded Omega C-Profile enables the seamless integration of signage and partitioning, but also available is a plain C-Profile. An optional Gasket can help in ensuring a precision and uniform installation.

SKYLUX, MICROLUX, ALTERLUX, BROADLIGHTER are all standard Luxonic recessed luminaires. The key fact which makes these products anything but standard is the fact that each of these product ranges offer a special version which is specifically designed and manufactured to seamlessly integrate with any SAS 330 ceiling system tile.

These product ranges can be supplied to fit any size of SAS 330 tile and match the tile colour perfectly. The luminaires can be supplied in different configurations and with different specifications, such as with dimmable or emergency options. Presence detector and light sensors, lighting controls and cutting edge, wireless connectivity technology can also be supplied.



  • Luminaires can be manufactured in millimetre increments and can be designed to fit any tile
  • Dimmable luminaires and light sensors enable manipulation of lighting levels
  • Luminaires available to fit any SAS 330 ceiling tile and match its colour
  • Luminaire design provides quick and easy installation or removal
  • SAS 330 offers Continuous lighting and return air C-Profile integration
  • Luxonic SAS 330 compatible luminaires available with air return facility
  • Luminaire weight depends on configuration but typically not greater than 6 kg
  • Optional SAS 330 gasket to aid precision/uniform installation, affects luminaire size
  • Variety of light sensors available for corridor applications
  • Human Centric Lighting a factor in luminaire design
  • Highly efficient lens supplied as standard on luminares
  • Low glare lens possible for special higher output versions (discuss your requirement)
  • Some luminaires can feature wireless control (discuss your requirement)
  • SAS 330 system & Luxonic luminaires are energy efficient
  • Aesthetically pleasing, our luminaires provide office lighting with style
  • Luminaires are designed to aesthetically compliment the ceiling
  • Luxonic hold ISO9001 quality standards accreditation
  • Luxonic embrace the environment, being ISO140001 accreditated
  • Luxonic products have been installed in many award winning buildings

* Subject to industry tolerances