Broadlighter Acoustic

Broadlighter Acoustic


Acoustic Raft Lighting

Acoustic lighting rafts provide vital sound absorption for installations lacking false ceilings. These buildings will invariably have different acoustic demands: an office for example, will need different acoustic treatment to that of a recording studio or library. These acoustic enhancing units house a variety of specially designed raft lighting.


Acoustics Effect on Education

It has long been recognised that learning and professional environments can discriminate against individuals with hearing difficulties. Poor acoustic environments can be architectural barriers to individuals with hearing impairments, reducing the accessibility of educational and office settings for many employees, students and educators.


Raft Lighting Effect on Students

In a similar fashion, lighting with poor glare control can render an area unusable to migraine sufferers as well as people with eye conditions such as Ocular albinism, Cataracts, Macular degeneration and Uveitis. These conditions can make coping with bright light very difficult. Therefore, choosing the correct acoustic raft lighting, whether in LED or twin optic fluorescent versions in critical.


Our Acoustic Raft Products

The durability of metal acoustic products makes them very resilient to accidental and intentional damage, reducing maintenance costs. Our acoustic rafts provide a perfect installation position for intelligent lighting, allowing for sensors, smoke detectors and speakers, minimising the services that need to be installed directly into the slab.

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