A range of high efficiency recessed LED luminaires with low luminance lens optics. Microlux lenses have been optically engineered to suppress high-angle light above 65° to not only meet the UGR and luminance limits recommended by BS-EN 12464, CIBSE LG7 and the BCO, but to also provide comfortable, low glare lighting.

Good visual communication and recognition requires sufficient brightness of all solid objects and especially peoples’ faces. Often the visual focus is on the vertical rather than the horizontal. Therefore, the volume in the space in which people move or work should be well illuminated, not just the horizontal task.

Microlux luminaires comfortably exceed these requirements. This product range has been previously installed in award winning building projects such as 1 Colmore Square.

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sas330tn-768x384EASY INSTALLATION 

The Microlux is very popular with lighting installers as the product has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the premium SAS330 ceiling system. This luminaire is not only easy to install, but also fits into SAS 330 tiles perfectly, therefore enabling light installers to complete projects quickly. 

The Microlux main housing is factory installed into a Microlux tile, which is made to measure in order to provide a perfect fit when installed in the ceiling. This complete unit then becomes our sleek, highly efficient, Microlux product.  

luxonic-sas-330-compatible-product-installation-diagramHOW IT FITS

The product simply sits on the SAS 330 C profile, enabling the installation or removal  of luminaires quick and easy. Much thought was given to installation at the development stage, with clear instructions and advice available to aid in the easy,  quick, perfect installation. 

SAS 330 typical section detail




An acrylic micro-structure lens controls light distribution and luminance, suppressing high-angle light above 65 deg to meet the UGR and luminance limits recommended by BS-EN 12464, CIBSE LG7 and the BCO.

This product is a complete tile replacement luminaire for SAS 330 ceiling systems, whereby the luminaire length and width can be manufactured to suit the specifics of the project ceiling type.





  • Up to 117 luminaire lumens per circuit Watt, ECA eligible.
  • Acrylic micro-structure lens to control light distribution and luminance
  • Special paint finishes to match SAS ceiling colours
  • Radial light distribution to provide high levels of task uniformity
  • Volumetric lighting for comfortably lit work spaces
  • Linear optic for a linear luminaire
  • Remote control gear

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