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The Luxlink® Wireless system is an innovative wireless lighting control system popular with, but not exclusive to, the industrial and warehousing sector.


Wireless Lighting Controls System

Luxlink® Wireless is more sustainable than a traditional DALI system, utilising less copper. The lighting control system is mounted within each luminaire, reducing the amount of cabling required compared with DALI systems that typically use five or six cores throughout the installation. The luminaire is permanently live and needs only three cores when using self-test emergency inverters.

Luminaires use wireless communication through a transceiver module mounted in the luminaire and avoid any further control cables or lighting control system panels to house control system infrastructure components. In addition, PIR Sensors suitable for mounting up to 15m high are mounted in each luminaire saving installation time and cost compared with remote mounted sensors.

Lux sensors can also be mounted in the back of the luminaire for measuring available daylight for open loop control, or wall-mounted for closed loop control. Our wireless lighting controls system is highly flexible, programmable via  tablet and can easily be retrofitted to existing installations by simply replacing the existing luminaire.

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Emergency light testing – offers a range of self-test emergency luminaires that are monitored by the transceiver module for download and reporting.

Energy monitoring – provides energy usage information based on how long the luminaire has been ‘on’ and the power consumption of the luminaire.

Daylight linking – back-mounted light sensors in luminaires close to roof lights can measure available daylight and dim light levels in control zones wirelessly. Wall-mounted light sensors measure the contribution from daylight and artificial light closer to the working plane and adjust the artificial lighting to top up daylight when necessary.

‘Off to dim’ – background lighting to aisles and corridors is achieved through the systems ‘Off to dim’ feature to avoid dark aisles and to keep a basic level of lighting to all areas.

Priority control – luminaire-based sensors can be overridden using a switch or a fire alarm contact connected to a transceiver module. This will enable lighting to lift to 100% in the event of a fire, using priority control levels programmable into each transceiver module.

Group control
Each luminaire is individually programmable for an aisle, corridor or open area control profile depending on the layout of the warehouse. Luminaires are then grouped for logical control operation. Any grouped luminaire sensing occupancy will wirelessly communicate with other same group luminaires for switch ‘On’, ‘Off to Dim’ or ‘Off’.






The Luxlink® Wireless controls system uses a small number of components:

  • A range of Luxonic luminaires incorporating a transceiver module with integral PIR and daylight linking sensor if required. PIR Sensors are available in two options:
    • Up to 5m mounting height for max. 12m diameter coverage (6.5m diameter at 2.7m mounting height)
    • Up to 12m mounting height for maximum 28m diameter coverage
  • An Android tablet loaded with Luxlink® Wireless software for configuration and programming;
  • A wireless network bridge for communication between the tablet and the luminaire transceiver modules;

Transceiver modules control the luminaire and are available in different formats to order. The basic formats are dimmable, with and without relay:

  • Dimmable options include DALI, DSI, 1-10V and PWM control
  • The ‘with relay’ option is either for switching non dimmable luminaires, or other non lighting loads, or for controlling power to local DALI ballast to avoid standby power being consumed
  • The dimmable option ‘without relay’ avoids relay noise from the luminaire when switching On and Off

Luxonic Wireless luminaires comply with the European standby power directives for stand-alone luminaires and for luminaires providing feedback data information as part of a networked system.

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