KNX2DALI is a combined lighting management and addressable emergency test system from Luxonic based on the KNX field bus protocol, an upgraded version of the previous EIB (European Installation Bus) protocol. KNX is ‘open’ standard which enables products from different manufacturers to coexist on a common twisted pair field bus network across multiple building service technologies such as HVAC, fire, intruder alarm and security systems.

KNX2DALI can be deployed as a state of the art, future proof, stand alone lighting control system or integrated with other building services as part of total building control solution.

The KNX ‘Open Protocol’ is the established standard for integrated systems in the UK and Europe, enabling system integrations in Rail, Civil Aviation, Commercial and Media industry projects. KNX is backed by all the major European systems equipment manufacturers including Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric and Legrande.

As with our Ethernet2DALI system, KNX2DALIi provides a combined lighting control and addressable emergency test system across a common cabling and equipment infrastructure. The system includes modular products to make the installation simple and fast. Alternatively, all equipment can be centralised in KNX IP Router/DALI Gateway panels that are more suitable for linear and suspended light systems and therefore more cost effective than traditional LCM type systems.

The KNX2DALI system structure uses IP Routers for connecting KNX networks together. This simplifies installation and enables the use of wiring solutions using standard Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cabling.


Line Controllers (KLC)

All Line Controllers

Knx2dali Line Controllers are simple and incorporate equipment required for project needs. In Lighting Control applications for medium to large sized recessed lighting projects using knx2dali Multi-sensors, this could be as little as a KNX IP Router and power supply. If the lighting is suspended or perhaps in a chilled beam, Knx2dali gateways can be mounted alongside this equipment (as pictured) to provide the required DALI network capacity (eliminating KCM’s).

For projects where KNX Sensors are preferred or where 3rd party KNX devices such as blind controllers, temperature sensors and/or fan coils controllers are to be integrated into the lighting control system, the Knx2dali Line Controller can be expanded to incorporate more KNX lines and associated equipment.

Knx2dali systems incorporate a DALI addressable emergency testing capability. Should a more basic test system be required, emergency test key switches can be provided at the KLC. Luxonic can provide mains isolation of DALI ballasts or LED drivers to avoid standby power consumption.

Connectivity Modules (KCM)

Connectivity Modules

Knx2dali Connectivity modules provide power, DALI and KNX distribution points for luminaires, Lighting Controls and 3rd party KNX Field bus devices. Up to six circuits pass through the KCM, four for lighting and two for other power needs above ceiling. A 5-Pole Plug’n Play wiring system enables easy connection of DALI luminaires and sensors and other lighting control input devices.

A 2 or 4-Pole Plug’n Play wiring system enables easy connection of KNX Sensors, Scene Plates and Switches (2-Pole) in addition to 3rd party KNX devices such as Temperature Sensors, Fan Coil Controllers, Window controllers, etc. The 4-Pole system can be supplied where Auxiliary power is required for any KNX devices KCM’s provide the infrastructure for addressable emergency testing.

For more basic testing, versions with 6-pole connectors and addressable emergency relay can be provided. KCM’s can incorporate addressable relays to eliminate standby power associated with DALI loads being consumed.

Dali Switch Input Unit

Dali Switch Input Unit

This Knx2dali switch ‘Mini’ Input Unit makes installation of switches simpler by allowing connection of up to 4-switches direct to the DALI network. Mounted in the switch back box.

Dali Multi-Sensor – Remote

Dali Multi Sensor - Remote

This sensor revolutionises KNX systems by enabling sensor connection via the KCM’s DALI network, simplifying the wiring whilst dramatically reducing cost and KNX infrastructure. Up to eigth (12 Q4 2015) sensors can be connected to each KCM DALI network subject to load, a fully loaded DALI network could typically consist of up to 48 single ballast/driver luminaires of which 10 are emergency with 12 DALI Multi-Sensors. Supplied with cable and plug in KCM applications for direct connection to the DALI network.

Dali Multi-Sensor – Integral

Dali Multi Sensor - Integral

With the advent of LED light sources and shrinking luminaires sizes, this small sensor is ideal for built-in luminaires in surface, suspended and chilled beam applications. The sensor is discreet but offers all the coverage and features of a remote sensor to include PIR presence/absence detection, constant light control and IR handset control. This sensor connects to the DALI network through luminaire wiring, up to eigth (12 Q4 2015) sensors can be connected to each KCM DALI network subject to load.

KNX Sensors

KNX Sensors

A range of KNX Multi-Sensors for Integral and remote mount applications. These sensors are KNX compliant and connect to the KLC or KCM via KNX approved cabling.

KNX Switch Plates

KNX Switch Plates

A range of KNX Switch plates in plastic and metal finishes including polished chrome and stainless steel, with two to six individually programmable or matched buttons.

KNX Input Modules

KNX Input Modules

A range of KNX input modules are offered for building into a KLC panel or dedicated enclosure. Variants include volt-free and power based binary input modules for detecting voltage in circuit monitoring applications.

KNX Mini Input Modules

KNX Mini Input Unit

A range of KNX Mini Input Units are offered for interfacing 3rd party switches and relays. Available in 2 and 4 I/O variants.