The modern healthcare environment requires compliant, energy cost saving lighting which promotes personal well-being and enables medical staff to deliver the very best patient care. We are a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier who partner with NHS Trusts and private organisations, delivering tailored solutions that meet or exceed their specification. Delivering on quality, energy efficiency, and cost.

Luxonic design and manufacture lighting solutions for a variety of healthcare application areas. Selecting the correct luminaires for a particular area is essential to provide an environment that will aid the recovery of a patient or increase staff alertness and productivity. As a company, we have the experience and knowledge to understand what is beneficial for staff and patients.

Our healthcare knowledge is always at the forefront of our thinking when we design luminaires for healthcare. We are aware for example, that in some areas, luminaires should be designed with infection control and ease of maintenance in mind. Whilst we understand that the priority must be patient safety, comfort, well-being and staff efficiency, we recognize that healthcare organisations are committed to being sustainable and low carbon organisations.

Luxonic has strong energy saving and sustainability credentials. We stand ready to assist our healthcare customers in reaching those goals. According to the Carbon Trust, lighting can account for over 35% of the electricity used in a typical hospital. Our energy efficient luminaires and lighting controls provide the opportunity to reinvest energy cost savings on enhancing the healthcare environment, much needed equipment, extra staff or staff training.

Lighting products can be financed in various ways, subject to certain qualifying criteria. The Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme provides tax relief if the products being purchased are included in the government’s Energy Technology List. Salix Finance provides five-year interest free loans to the public sector. There are also various carbon reduction grants available.


Improve Well-Being and Efficiency hospital-ward-bedhead-light

  • Correct lighting can enhance mood and well-being
  • Can enhance concentration and productivity of staff
  • A pleasant working environment encourages staff retention
  • Ability to create a pleasant ambience for patients, staff and visitors.
  • Can simulate natural daylight to improve patient sleep cycle, and recovery.

Reduce Energy Costs 

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 80%
  • Reinvest cost savings to enhance the healthcare environment
  • Comply with energy legislation and support sustainability targets

There are various grants and tax relief available for purchasers of energy saving lighting products. Find out more