What is DCP 161 and how will it affect businesses?

DCP 161 is a change to the DCUSA (Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement) that will introduce Excess Capacity penalties for businesses and residential properties that have half hourly (HH) electricity supplies. DCP 161 will be in force from the 1st April 2018.


Who will be affected?

It is a mandatory requirement for any UK based business that uses more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year to have HH meters installed as a mandatory requirement.


How will businesses be affected?

HH meters automatically transmit the data back to your power supplier, therefore if you do not negotiate the rate at which you will be charged should you exceed the limit, your energy provider can charge you extra. This cost could be as much a three times higher than the standard rate.


What should you do?

You should try and negotiate the rate at which you will be charged should you exceed the limit. However, moving forward, with the government’s greater focus on energy saving and sustainability, the long term goal should be to become more energy efficient. Since lighting accounts for 20% of all electricity usage in the UK, reviewing your current lighting system would be a sensible choice to make. An efficient lighting system will not only prevent excessive charges and fines, it can also save a very large percentage of energy costs. Our Hi-Max luminaires combined with wireless lighting controls saved ABP Hull 96% of their energy costs.

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