skylux-aura-suspended-luminaireNew Suspended Luminaire SKYLUX AURA


Designed for applications where a high illuminance is required in combination with a considered design aesthetic, the Skylux Aura is suitable for entrance atriums, staircases and open areas of visual importance.

Through extensive development of the light chamber, a shallow form factor has been achieved while ensuring a homogeneous diffusion of the light source and excellent efficiencies.  The central core aids in maintaining a minimal product depth housing the luminaire electronics.

Thermal management is also key to the success of the Skylux Aura which has driven many of the design cues.  The aluminium body and construction allows the Aura to achieve product class leading efficacies through the excellent thermal management of the LEDs. The central location of the electronics enclosure helps further by providing a thermal separation from the LED driver and emergency batteries to the LEDs. Available in a wide range of outputs from 8840 – 15’100LLM, and in suspended and surface mount options the Aura can be used in many areas of a building providing a visual consistency throughout the project.

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