The Brief

Following recommendation from its energy consultant, metal manufacturer Stainless Metalcraft sought out Luxonic’s expertise to upgrade each of its warehouse sites to an all-LED set up. As an aging site, the project posed a variety of challenges: multiple different fittings provided little uniformity of light or light temperature, and a minimum of 500lux was required to illuminate each site to meet strict working condition guidelines.

The Innovation

To ensure Stainless Metalcraft was able to make an informed choice, Luxonic devised several different schemes to tackle each challenge head on, transforming the company’s approach to energy efficiency and transporting its warehouses into the modern age.

Stainless Metalcraft opted to upgrade its lights to Luxonic’s HI-MAX® open area LED fittings, one of the most energy efficient industrial luminaires on the market. Designed with a variety of suspension and light output options, each LED high bay was adaptable to the purpose of individual sites; existing additional task lights were eventually removed as the HI-MAX® fittings alone met the required lux levels.

Each high bay luminaire was installed with Luxonic Wireless controls, and a remote mounted light sensor and data collator with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Provided with a tablet to control the new system, Stainless Metalcraft were handed complete control capabilities, able to adapt the new layout with ease to consistently meet employee needs and energy efficiency goals.

The Result

Following a simple installation, Stainless Metalcraft were delivered a uniform lighting solution which was a staggering improvement on the look, feel and comfort of the previous layout. Lighting levels now easily adhere to challenging working condition guidelines, creating a well-lit, comfortable working environment which enables staff to complete work to greater accuracy than before.

The complete control solution has also allowed Stainless Metalcraft to adapt lighting based on staff needs and shift patterns; the Luxonic system can monitor presence, absence and traffic patterns, reducing energy usage where possible whilst maintaining a required level of light to meet safety guidelines.

Crucially, Luxonic provided Stainless Metalcraft with the tools to make considerable savings on energy spend across its intensive industrial sites. Now equipped with total control and energy efficient LED luminaires, Stainless Metalcraft’s warehouse sites benefit from a system which reaps in huge energy and cost savings year on year; the installation has been forecast to save Stainless Metalcraft £39,766 per annum. In addition, HI-MAX® also meets Energy Technology List criteria, meaning the project qualified for Enhanced Capital Allowance tax relief, further bolstering the incredible cost savings achieved so far.