The Alterlux is a range of modular recessed luminaires, achieving up to 143 luminaire exit lumens per circuit Watt and designed to seamlessly integrate with the SAS 330 ceiling system.

The Alterlux is supplied with a Tp(a) satin polycarbonate high transmissive lens as standard. The luminaires are constructed from a robust polyester powder-coated steel housing, with RAL 9010, 20% gloss finish as standard, although any popular RAL colour finish can be supplied.

This aesthetically pleasing luminaire can help save energy costs and exceeds the energy performance demanded by current regulations. The product is manufactured in the UK to british standards, while subscribing to best sustainability practices. We have a 30 year history of innovative, energy efficient, creative design, and exceeding expectations.

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sas330tn-768x384EASY INSTALLATION

The Alterlux is very popular with lighting installers as the product has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the premium SAS330 ceiling system. This luminaire in not only easy to install, but also fits into SAS 330 tiles perfectly, therefore enabling light installers to complete projects quickly.

The Alterlux main housing is factory installed into an Alterlux tile, which is made to measure in order to provide a perfect fit when installed in the ceiling. This complete unit then becomes our modern look, highly efficient, Alterlux product.

luxonic-sas-330-compatible-product-installation-diagramHOW IT FITS

The Alterlux luminaires simply sit on the SAS 330 C profile, enabling the quick and easy installation or removal  of light fittings. Much thought was given to installation at the development stage, with clear instructions and advice available to aid in the easy,  quick, perfect installation. 

SAS 330 typical section detail





A satin polycarbonate lens is supplied as standard. This optic delivers a very comfortable visual environment which enhances the work space and staff experience.

This product is a complete tile replacement luminaire for SAS 330 ceiling systems, whereby the luminaire length and width can be manufactured to suit the specifics of the project ceiling type.





  • Remote driver allows minimal luminaire recessing depth of only 65 mm
  • Efficiency of up to 143 luminaire lumens per circuit Watt
  • Specially developed to integrate with SAS ceiling systems
  • Satin polycarbonate, glare control & acrylic micro-structure lenses

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